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San Diego Regional Revolving Loan Fund

General Information
The Cities of Chula Vista and San Diego and have matched a $1.5 million grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to develop the San Diego Regional Revolving Loan Fund (SDRRLF). The $3 million fund operates in the two cities to provide small business assistance and generate neighborhood commercial district revitalization.
In an effort to help stimulate Chula Vista's and San Diego's economic growth, the loan program offers financial assistance to expanding businesses. The SDRRLF can supplement private financing for the acquisition of new or rehabilitated buildings, acquisition of fixed machinery and equipment, working capital and soft costs.

To be eligible for assistance under the San Diego Regional Revolving Loan Fund, a business must:

  1. Be located in the City of Chula Vista or the City of San Diego.
  2. Create new employment opportunities.
  3. Have firm financial commitments for other components of the project to be financed.
  4. Be willing to comply with all regulations, guidelines, policies, and requirements, as they relate to the program.
  5. Demonstrate that financing is not otherwise available on terms or conditions that would permit completion and/or the successful operation or accomplishment of the project activities to be financed.
  6. Demonstrate credit worthiness and the ability to repay the loan.


  • Loan Size: Minimum of $150,000 up to $500,000, larger loans require EDA approval.
  • Loan Terms: Normally, loans will be direct loans fully amortized over three to seven years.
  • Interest Rates: 8% floor.

For more information, contact Craig Ruiz at (619) 691-5248 or

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