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Economic Development focuses on facilitating retail, commercial and industrial prosperity for today’s businesses. A strong local economy creates quality work options for our residents and generates revenues for vital public infrastructure and services needed for a high quality of life in Chula Vista. This focus compliments major long range projects like the Bayfront Master Plan, University Research Center, and planned community development that are an integral contribution to the City’s economic sustainability.



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  • Small Business Assistance - the Small Business Assistance Development Center, hosted by Southwestern College, is a leading provider of consulting services and workshops for small businesses in San Diego. The Center’s staff and consultants can answer your business questions along with providing many resources that can help you start and/or expand your business.

  • International Trade Assistance -The San Diego Center for International Trade Development (CITD), hosted by Southwestern College, helps small and medium-sized businesses with international trade. If you're a seasoned import/export pro with a specific issue, or completely new to the expanding world of exporting, we have an International Trade Specialist who can answer your questions... for free!


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  • Chula Vista offers a wide array of attractions and activities to entertain visitors and residents year round.
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Michael Meacham
Michael Meacham


Economic Development

Craig Ruiz
Craig Ruiz

Principal Economic Development Specialist

Mariana Garcia

Economic Development Specialist


Michael Tactay


Mario Sanguinet




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