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The Finance Department administers the City's financial affairs, supervises the disbursements of all monies, manages all fiscal systems, collects and records all revenues, assists in the preparation of the citywide budget, manages all investments and borrowing, and provides centralized procurement services to all City departments. The Finance Department can be contacted at (619) 691-5250.

The Finance Department is organized into four divisions:

Office of Budget & Analysis
The Office of Budget and Analysis (OBA), is responsible for coordinating, preparing and presenting the City's operating budget. The budget provides an overview of the fiscal and operational status of the City; highlighting policy issues, decisions and proposed changes in service levels.

OBA performs and reviews numerous fiscal analyses as well as program and policy proposals for fiscal impact accuracy. OBA is responsible for updating the City's indirect cost allocation plan that is used to determine the total cost of providing various programs and services. In conjunction with this, OBA frequently assists departments in updating fees and contracts to ensure accuracy and cost recovery.

OBA provides ongoing analytical support on various operational and staffing issues throughout the City and participates in a number of special projects and studies. An important goal in conducting these studies is to assist departments in developing the systems, procedures and staff capacity to implement recommendations, to ensure operational improvements are permanent and to provide a means for monitoring future performance.

Comptroller Division
The Comptroller Division maintains centralized accounting records for the City, monitors all fiscal activities in accordance with authorized spending levels, processes payroll and accounts payable, prepares various financial reports including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and provides financial support to City departments.

Revenue & Recovery Division
The Revenue & Recovery Division is responsible for cash management and investment of all city funds, billing and payment processing for various fees, taxes and services including sewer, parking citations and delinquent trash accounts. Our customer service representatives are available Monday - Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm.

Purchasing Division
The City of Chula Vista has a Centralized Purchasing System administered by the Purchasing Division. Centralized purchasing standardizes bidding and evaluation procedures, achieves economy of scale benefits, provides consistency in dealing with suppliers, and ensures an open, fair, and competitive procurement process.

The Purchasing Division determines the most cost-effective means for securing a requirement and the extent to which the initiating department will be involved. Purchasing guidelines are covered in the Municipal Code, Section 2.56, and the City Charter, Section 1010. The Purchasing Division can be reached at (619) 691-5141.

Mission Statement
The Chula Vista Finance Department is dedicated to supporting the long-term financial stability of the City and enhancing public and organizational trust through integrity of financial reporting and sound financial management practices.


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