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  Finance Department

Budget Information

Budget Update

AdoptedBudget | NEW! Fiscal Year 2015 Adopted Budget

On June 17, 2014 the City Council held a public hearing and adopted the fiscal year 2014-15 budget. The fiscal year 2014-15 adopted budget is available here.

Budget Summary
The fiscal year 2014-15 Budget Summary is intended to provide the reader a quick, concise view of the City of Chula Vista's budget.  The Budget Summary provides a brief discussion highlighting the major issues and events associated with the development of the fiscal year 2014-15 budget.  The Budget Summary also includes various charts and graphs depicting the main components of the City's budget, including:

  • Staffing levels and trends
  • Revenue sources and trends
  • Expenditures by Category
  • Distribution of City net costs by department


City Council Proposed Budget | NEW!

This fiscal year 2014-15 City Council Proposed Budget was accepted at the June 3, 2014 City Council meeting.  The City Council Proposed Budget is comprised of the City Manager's Proposed Budget and an addendum.

City Manager's Proposed Budget

The fiscal year 2014-15 City Manager's Proposed Budget was presented to the City Council for consideration on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. 

The City Council held a public hearing and adopted the budget on Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget

The fiscal year 2014-15 proposed Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Budget is available here.


City Strategic Plan

A new City Strategic Plan provides a comprehensive framework that ensures priorities set by the City Council are clear to all employees, goals are laid out that respond to priorities, objectives are achieved that meet the goals, and that city government is accountable to meeting community needs. The Strategic Plan centers on five core goals:

operational excellence icon Operational Excellence   strong and secure neighborhoods icon Strong & Secure Neighborhoods
economic vitality icon Economic Vitality   connected community icon Connected Community
healthy community icon Healthy Community      

All of these goals contribute to a high Quality of Life for Chula Vista residents and businesses.

Budget Documents

The budget is organized in a manner to facilitate your general understanding of the City's fiscal status, to present management's assessment of major issues and, finally, to present the plan for allocating resources to address those issues during the coming fiscal year.

The budget is organized as follows:

  • Budget Message
  • General Fund
  • Other Funds
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Summary Tables
  • Appendix

View A Citizen's Guide to the City's Budget Process to learn more. NEW!

Budget Document Links

  Fiscal Year 2013-14 | NEW!

City Council Proposed Budget

FY 2013-14


Adopted Budget FY 2013-14

    arrow City Manager's Proposed Budget
FY 2013-14
arrow Budget Summary
    arrow Adopted CIP Budget FY 2013-14    
  Fiscal Year 2012-13 |

City Council Proposed Budget

FY 2012-13


Adopted Budget FY 2012-13


City Manager's Proposed Budget

FY 2012-13

arrow Budget Summary
  Fiscal Year 2011-12
    arrow Proposed Budget FY 2011-12 arrow Adopted Budget FY 2011-12
  Fiscal Year 2010-11
    arrow Proposed Budget FY 2010-11 arrow Adopted Budget FY 2010-11
  Fiscal Year 2009-10
    arrow Adopted Budget FY 2009-10    
  Fiscal Year 2008-09
    arrow Adopted Budget FY 2008-09    


Financial Planning Documents and Presentations

  Financial History Summary
    arrow October 2012
  January 12, 2012 Fiscal Recovery & Progress Plan
    arrow Fiscal Recovery and Progress Plan: FY 2013 -2017
    arrow Presentation of Fiscal Recovery and Progress Plan: FY 2013-2017
  Five-Year Financial Forecast Reports
    arrow Fiscal Years 2011-2015 arrow Fiscal Years 2009-2013

Please see our Financial Reports page for additional documents.

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