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Master Fee Schedule

The Master Fee Schedule details fees for services that are provided to our residents and customers.

While the primary mission of government is to satisfy community needs, many City services solely benefit specific individuals or businesses.  It is the City’s policy that the public at large should not subsidize activities of private interest through general tax revenues.  The City has therefore established user fees to ensure that those who use proprietary services pay for those services in proportion to the benefit received.  Fees that do not recover the full cost of providing the service result in a General Fund subsidy which shifts funds away from other critical and high priority programs that may not have similar cost recovery options.

The Master Fee Schedule is provided via the City’s website for the public’s ease of reference and is current as of October 2014.  Please contact the appropriate City department, as noted on each Fee Schedule bulletin, to confirm current rates.

View the complete Master Fee Schedule.

Use the links below to view Master Fee Schedule bulletins by chapter.

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - General

  1. Introduction
  2. Cost Recovery

Chapter 2 - General Government Fees

  1. Records, Documents & Research
  2. Administrative Fees
  3. Passport Fees

Chaper 3 - Animal Control Fees

  1. General Animal Control Fees

Chapter 4 - Business Fees

  1. General Business Fees

Chapter 5 - Library Fees

  1. General Library Fees

Chapter 6 - Police Fees

  1. General Police Fees

Chapter 7 - Recreation Fees

  1. General & Program Fees
  2. Facility User Fees

Chapter 8 - Greens Fees

  1. Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course

Chapter 9 - Downtown Improvement District

  1. Downtown District Fees

Chapter 10 - Building Fees

  1. General Building Fees
  2. Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical
  3. New Construction Permit Fees
  4. Miscellaneous Item Permit Fees
  5. Building Valuation Tables

Chapter 11 - Engineering Fees

  1. General Engineering Fees
  2. Plan Review & Permit Fees
  3. Street & Tree Fees

Chapter 12 - Sewer Fees

  1. Construction & Development
  2. Sewer Service Charges
  3. Appendices & Reference

Chapter 13 - Parking Fees

  1. General Parking Fees

Chapter 14 - Planning Fees

  1. General Planning Fees

Chapter 15 - Fire Fees

  1. Fire Code Inspection Fees
  2. Fire Safety Engineering Fees

Chapter 16 - Development & In-Lieu Fees

  1. Development & In-Lieu Fees
  2. Vehicle Trip Generation Table

Chapter 17 - Solid Waste & Recycling

  1. General Fees
  2. Service Charges

Chapter 18 - Mobilehomes

  1. General Fees

City Council Master Fee Schedule Update Archive

arrow View the December 17, 2013 fee update agenda packet

arrow View the June 19, 2012 fee update agenda packet

arrow View the July 12, 2011 fee update agenda packet

arrow View the June 8, 2010 fee update agenda packet

Citywide Cost Recovery Policy

In June 2010, the City Council adopted a Citywide Cost Recovery Policy.  This policy provides guidelines for setting fees given the full cost of service.  The adopted Cost Recovery Policy includes provisions for ongoing review, a process for establishing cost recovery levels and target cost recovery levels for each program offered by the City.

arrow View the Citywide Cost Recovery Policy

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