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  Finance Department

How to Sell to The City

graphicThe City of Chula Vista encourages open competition and conducts business in a fair and impartial manner. To facilitate participation, the following is a brief overview of purchasing policies and procedures. For more detailed information, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Purchasing Division at (619) 691-5141.

Bid List
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Bid Limits
* Bids up to $10,000 may be awarded based on a single, informal quotation.
* Bids between $10,000 - $100,000 require three informal quotes.
* Equipment, materials, supplies and services, $100,000 and above, require an advertised, public bid opening.
* Public Works projects, $50,000 and above, require an advertised, public bid opening.

Bid Practices
Informal bids may be e-mailed, faxed, requested over the phone or sent by U.S. mail. Informal bids should be returned as directed in the request for quotation (RFQ). Most informal bids may be faxed to the Purchasing Division at (619) 691-5149.

Formal bids are advertised on the City Website or in the City's official newspaper of record, currently the Star News. Formal bids are advertised on Fridays at least ten days prior to the bid opening date.

Formal bids must be returned in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the bid name and number. Bids may be sent by mail or hand carried to:

Purchasing Division, Finance Department
276 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Late bids will be returned unopened to the sender.

Tie Bids
In the event of a tie bid between a vendor located in the City of Chula and an out of town vendor, award will be made to the local vendor.

Consultant and Professional Services
Consultant and Professional Services may be awarded based on experience, qualifications, and demonstrated competence. Selection is typically made through a competitive negotiation process. Consultants and professional service providers should submit a letter of interest to the Purchasing Division.

Should work be required on City premises, certificate of commercial liability insurance, and separate additional insured endorsement naming the City must be provided prior to performance of duties. Auto Liability and Worker's compensation coverage is also required for vendors engaged in work on City premises.
Please click on the applicable insurance document for detailed information:

The City will strive to take prompt payment discounts when offered. However, prompt payment discounts offered for less than fifteen days will not be considered in evaluation of bids. In the absence of stated terms, payment will be net 30 days.

Surplus Disposal
Surplus equipment, materials and supplies may be sold at auction by sealed bid or via informal quotation from prospective buyers. To view upcoming auctions on electronics and miscellaneous items, please go to

arrow Ken Porter Auctions | (310) 353-7140

Vehicles and heavy equipment, wheeled stock

arrow A Plus (A+ Surplus) | (619) 230-1100
Electronics and miscellaneous items

Gratuities in the form of entertainment, gifts, or remuneration to any City employee are strictly forbidden and may result in debarment from doing business with the City.

Valid Purchases
No purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, or services is valid or binding unless authorized by the Purchasing Division.

Terms and Conditions
For purchasing Terms and Conditions, click here.

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