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Chula Vista Employees Association/SEIU Local 221

The Chula Vista Employees Association (CVEA) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 221 are legally affiliated. We are an incorporated, non-profit organization that serves as the certified bargaining unit for the Miscellaneous Employees of the City of Chula Vista. 

The purpose of the Association is to afford an opportunity for investigation and the interchange of opinion upon subjects of special interest to Chula Vista employees, to function as an educational agency and negotiating group, and to promote the advancement and security of classified employees.

The CVEA Board of Director’s meet every month to discuss concerns specific to our members.  The Board officers are elected each year in September.
The Board will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Kim Vander Bie
Vice President/Steward Darlene Trujillo-Lopez
Coordinator Lisa Luevano
Treasurer Nicole Hobson
SEIU Worksite Organizer Mark Leo
Board Member/Steward Jorge Castillo
Board Member/Chief Steward Sergei Senoff
Board Member Gene Gardiner
Board Member Grace Knepper
Board Member Lupe Rodriguez
Board Member Martie Solomon
Board Member Wayne Zarling


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