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  Human Resources Department

About Us

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing superior services to employees, departments and the public; to ensure an informed, quality work force and community, while treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.

Human Resources Administration

The Human Resources Department (HR) develops and manages the delivery of human resources services and programs including employment, recruitment and testing; compensation, benefits, health, and safety; training and development; collective bargaining and labor-management relations; classification, records, and automated support; conflict resolution and employee counseling on HR related matters; volunteer services; and serves as a staff liaison to the Civil Service Commission. 

Major functions of Human Resources Administration are:

  • Providing day-to-day administration of the department
  • Overseeing 16 HR staff serving over 1,200 full-time and part-time City of Chula Vista employees
  • Advising departments on the interpretation and application of city policies and procedures
  • Establishing discipline guidelines and providing advice to departments
  • Coordinating the Threat Assessment and Response Team, and critiquing cases for improvements
  • Providing staff assistance to the Civil Service Commission
  • Providing budgetary management for a $5 million operating budget


  • Labor Relations

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Administration

  • Labor/Management Committee 

  • Grievance and Arbitration Process

  • Investigations and Discipline Review

  • Policy Review/Interpretation


Recruitment & Selection

Our goal is to attract the best and brightest to our organization and help to create an environment in which employees can flourish. The Employment Services staff meets this goal through daily commitment to integrity, customer service delivery, results, responsiveness, change, growth, teamwork, and quality customer information and education.

  • Classification & Compensation

The City of Chula Vista employs more than 1,200 employees in a multitude of areas and functions. Each job is included in a classification that defines its job description and level in the organization. The classification system partners with our compensation structure to determine pay levels and ensure that the employees are working and being paid at the appropriate levels.


  • Records Management

The Human Resources Department maintains official personnel files and performance evaluations of every City employee, and manages all internal and external inquiries about City employees (subpoenas and public records requests).


  • Citywide Volunteer Coordination

The Human Resources Department assists citywide departments in coordinating, recruiting, and tracking over 1,000 annual volunteers.  Volunteers provide service to all City departments, especially the libraries, recreation facilities, police department, animal care facility, and fire department.  Staff oversees the volunteer recruitment process, ensuring new volunteers receive orientation and background checks, when necessary.  Support is provided to recruit volunteers and unpaid interns for requesting departments.



The Benefits Division administers a variety of programs and is committed to implementing comprehensive employee benefits by providing support and personal assistance to our valued employees, retirees, dependents, and service providers. 

We offer comprehensive, affordable benefit options to eligible employees.


Safety in the City

The City is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees and the public with effective safety programs.  Risk Management’s Safety Program has been tasked with oversight of all City safety efforts.  Our plan is to provide a systematic way to minimized incident frequency and severity, contribute to positive morale, effectively maintain the City’s resources and increase operational efficiency. 

Following are some of the programs aimed at fulfilling these goals:

  • City-wide Safety Committee
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Employee Health and Safety Training


Loss Control

Claims Against the City

The City Council has delegated claims administration functions and settlement of claims up to $50,000 to the City’s Risk Manager.  Through the Loss Control Program claims against the City are received and investigated.  Based on the investigation the claim is either settled, tendered to the responsible party outside of the City, or is denied.  When required, claims are reported to our excess insurers to preserve the City’s right to coverage.  Staff works closely with defense counsel to ensure timely reporting of claims to insurers and in settling cases.  


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