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  Information and Technology Services

About Us

The Information and Technology Services (ITS) Department provides citywide technology services, solutions, and support to all departments within the City. These services include administration, finance, public safety, and resident online services. ITS also develops, implements, operates, and maintains computer systems in order to improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of all departments.  In addition, ITS provides support to departments which provide direct services to members of the public, such as the Library, Recreation, and Public Safety and Public Works departments. ITS also partners with regional municipalities and other governmental agencies including the Living Coast Discovery Center to provide support and planning services.

The Technology and Support line of business provides technical planning and implementation, guidance, training and assistance to employees who on more than 1,000 microcomputers, dozens of standard office productivity and specialized applications and over 100 servers throughout the City.  The Technology and Support staff also maintains the city’s Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wireless (WLANs) networks for both city guests and staff at City Hall and remote facilities.  They partner with the Telecommunications staff to maintain the City’s Wide Area Networks (WANs) and telecommunications lines which connects remote facilities to the primary City Hall networks. Technology and Support staff also provides planning and support services for an increasingly wide range of non-desktop computer technologies, including mobile devices such as Smart Phones or tablet computers, digital displays, wireless devices for public safety, and videoconferencing equipment.

The Departments Geographic Information System (GIS) line of business provides mapping, data modeling and analysis, and development of custom applications used by staff on a daily basis.  ITS also provides GIS services to the general public through map and data sales and web-enabled mapping applications.  With over 100 unique data layers, ITS staff manages one of the most extensive, fully integrated GIS databases in San Diego County.  As a multi - departmental resource, the city's GIS has developed into a critical decision making tool used by City staff and the general public on a daily basis.  

The Telecommunications line of business handles voice communication installations, consultation, planning, maintenance, and support services citywide.  Telecommunications lines are used to connect the nine remote fire stations, eight recreation and community centers, three library branches, the Public Works facility and other smaller remote facilities to the City Hall network. Technologies used include fiber optic lines, WiFi WLANS, 3-G and 4-G networks, microwave and T-1 and T-3 lines. Voice communications technologies are now include Voice over IP (VoIP), integrated communications, as well as traditional PBX methods.  This function serves over 1,000 users daily and plays a critical part in providing communication citywide. As in the case of Public Safety, telecommunications provides the vital link between first responders, (law enforcement, fire fighters, medical, ambulance or other emergency services) ensuring they have access to reliable, interoperable communications to assist those in need during and after emergencies by disseminating critical information to subsequent responders and the public. It is one of the most critical resources in public safety.

The Application Support and Programming lines of business provide support of 3rd party software used by City staff including financial systems, business licensing, and building permitting.  In addition, the programming staff develops custom desktop and web applications used by City staff and the public on daily basis. This includes electronic government applications such as park reservations, recreation facility reservations, sports league registration, library features and others.  These applications are the City’s first point of contact and are vital in linking the City with the online world.  They also allow residents and visitors alike to experience and appreciate valuable and accurate information online, all the time.  The City’s continued expansion of online services results not only in improved customer services but also furthers the City’s green paperless initiative to reduce environmental impacts associated with printing materials.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology Services Department is to provide technology, planning, development support and management to City employees and departments so they can perform their jobs effectively and meet their strategic goals for the City.

Strategic Goals

Technology and Support Services

  • Implement computer/software replacement program
  • Identify IT services to possibly migrate to the cloud
  • Enhance the city's technology infrastructure
  • Continue to work on non-desktop computer support services (mobile devices, etc.)


  • Continue to expand wireless networks

Electronic Services

  • Status: While the list of items continues to grow, ITS staff has continued to implement items from the list.   Recent editions to the electronic services include:
    • Business License Renewal
    • Citizen Request for service for Public Works
    • Online donations for Nature Center, Recreation
    • Interactive online newsletters for Library, Nature Center, Recreation, and Office of Communications.
    • Additional webcams at the Nature Center
    • On-line case tracking for citizens to track outcome/progress of their crime cases for PD
    • Online Sports League Registration - Recreation leagues can register and pay fees online.
    • Animal Care Facility Donations application – allows donations to go directly to the City and accepts credit card donations.
    • Appliance Rebates – Application allows specific retailers (i.e. Home Depot, Sears) to apply for customer rebates at from their store. Rebates are then credited at time of purchase.
    • Public Works Online Service Request via the City’s website allows public to report issues via the City’s website, including the ability to report using a map to click on location – X,Y coordinates.
    • CV Businesses added to the City’s web page. Allows lookup of business within
    • Chula Vista so people can find local businesses.
    • HR Collections Application – Gives Risk Management the ability to track collections.
    • Online sewer payments
    • Dog licenses renewals online
    • Business licenses renewals online

Network Protection

  • Develop and implement the city's information systems security plan

Technology Projects

  • By 2013, 90% of new technology/GIS projects within departments are planned and developed in conjunction with information Technology Services.
  • Status: ITS is working with all departments so that they are away of this goal so that the departments will contact ITS when they embark on new projects like the Bayfront development and Millenia. Involving ITS at an early stage in these projects will ensure staff is utilizing the latest technology/software and allow ITS/GIS to coordinate the transfer and storage of data associated with these projects.

Key Performance Measures

  FY 2009-10
FY 2010-11
FY 2011-12
FY 2012-13
FY 2013-14
% user satisfaction with voice Communication tools available 98.10% 97% 97% N/A 97%
% user satisfaction with GIS accuracy 73% 75% 83% N/A 85%
% closed tickets 80.90% 92% 93% 94% 95%
% server uptime 97.90% 98.90% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90%

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