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City of Chula Vista GIS - Printed Maps

Below is a list of the maps on our on-line map gallery.Please remember that these image files are a snapshot in time and may or may not reflect the current status of the data shown. If availability and price are not indicated below, please contact the ITS Department to see if the map is currently available.

Click on the thumbnail to view the full-size map.

Major Projects and Redevelopment Areas

Major Projects and Redevelopment Areas
This is the most commonly requested map.  It shows major project areas and names, redevelopment areas and parcels.  This map is available for $20. 

Elementary Attendance Areas Elementary Attendance Areas
This map was created for the Chula Vista Elementary School District .  It shows school locations and attendance area boundaries. 

Storm Drain Basins and Major Projects

Storm Drain Basins and Major Projects
This map shows the storm drain boundaries with major projects.

Survey Map - Horizontal

Survey Control Network Map - Horizontal


Survey Control - Vertical

Survey Control Network Map - Vertical


Zoning West
Zoning Map West

Zoning Map
This map show zoning boundaries, parcels, street names and redevelopment areas.  It is available in 2 sheets (1000' scale) at the Planning Department counter for $20.

Zoning East
Zoning Map East



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