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City of Chula Vista GIS - Products and Services

The City of Chula Vista has developed an enterprise-wide Geographic Information System (GIS). Much of the data was developed following a photogrammetry project wherein digital orthophotos were procured for the entire City at a scale of 1" = 100'. Most data layers are accurate up to 1-3', depending on the layer and source. Our database extends beyond our City boundary; roughly just north of SR-54, south to Palm Ave, west to the Bay and east to the extents of the Otay Ranch project area.

The City provides a variety of GIS data layers and maps to the public. There is a charge for most items on a cost recovery basis. For further information, please contact the ITS Department.

The City maintains a list of available data layers that lists the name and description. The cost of each layer is dependent on the size of the extract you want, and the type of data. Data can be produced in several formats: ArcInfo export file (.E00), ArcView shapefile (.SHP), or CAD data exchange format (.DXF).

The City of Chula Vista has orthophotos, which are basically aerial photographs corrected for topography and distortion, and are the highly accurate base for most of our data layers. These are available in 1', 2', and 4' or in MrSID image compression format. These images are available for purchase with the cost based upon the amount of data requested. Please contact the ITS Department for a cost estimate.

Chula Vista has several standard maps available for sale.
$20 Major Projects Map
$20 Zoning Map
( 2 sheets) see Planning Dept.
$20 General Plan Map (currently going through a major update)
$20 Visitor Map
$40 1000' City map (2 sheets)
$20 1600' City map (1 sheets)
Special maps can be created depending on staff availability. These maps are $20 each for an E size map (approx. 34" x 44") plus $75 per hour for production time, depending upon level of customization required. The production time varies, depending upon whether we have to create special layers for you and how complicated the map is. Smaller maps are $5 for an 8.5" x 11" and $10 for 11" x 17". Please see the Map Gallery for additional information.

MrSID image compression services are available.

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