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Computer Use Guidelines


  • Individuals are expected to use Library computers in a responsible and courteous manner, and in accordance with the Chula Vista Public Library Conduct Policy.
  • No more than two people may use a computer at one time.
  • For access to any function other than the Library’s online “card catalog,” including the Internet, the Library requires all computer users to input their own, unique Chula Vista Library card number into the computer they wish to use.
  • For more information on acquiring a regular or temporary Chula Vista Public Library card, please see the staff at the Cashier desk.
  • For more information on use of the Internet at the Library, please see the Library’s Internet Access and Safety Policy.
  • There is a charge for printing.
  • Downloading to a floppy disk is free but patrons should be aware that information or software downloaded from the Internet might contain viruses.  The Library is not responsible for errors in formatting or selection of files to download.  Some files cannot be displayed on Library computers after downloading, due to security measures restricting access to the PC “desktop.”
  • Patrons may not bring in any outside software for use on Library computers.  Files may only be accessed through the applications already installed on Library computers.
  • The Chula Vista Public Library will comply with Federal, state and local laws.  Library staff will deny patrons use of a Library computer if they fail to comply with any part of this policy.


Title:                   Computer Use

Policy Number:  LIB-007

Approved by:     Library Management

Date:                  October 7, 2004


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