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Computer and Internet Access

Check Out a Chromebook


Explore, discover and learn new technology at the library~

Chromebooks, a simplified laptop computer based on Google's Chrome browser & operating system.

The Accounts Desk at all Chula Vista Public Library branches

How Long:

7 day checkout

Have your library card with you

Be an established card holder for at least 1 month
For guests 18 or older with no current fines owed

During open hours
Must return Chromebook to Accounts Desk Staff at least 15 minutes before closing


Chromebooks are fast, secure and simple to use.  Using cloud computing, Chromebooks do not run traditional software or store files.  All of the Chromebook's operations take place using the Chrome web browser and web applications either through a user's free Google account or in Guest mode (for those without Google accounts). 



The Chula Vista Public Library provides free wireless Internet access at all branches.


Computer Lab for Group Use

Chula Vista community organizations may apply to use the Computer Lab.
Computer Lab Application


Computers at Chula Vista Public Libraries

All Chula Vista Public Library computers require a library card and are self-service.

Logging in:

  • Requires a Chula Vista Public Library card (available at Accounts Desk) with a PIN/Password


  • Make at Reservation Station up to 24 hours in advance


  • Up to 1 hour per session in Adult area (2 hours total per day)
  • Up to 30 minutes per session in Children’s area (2 hours total per day)
  • Internet Express 15-minute stations; no reservation required


  • $0.15 a page  Bills or coins OK
  • Black and white only and on Library-supplied paper only


  • Computers have USB port access to allow for saving documents.

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