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Great Horned Owl
Bubo virginianusGreat Horned Owl

Appearance: One of the largest owls in North America. They have a broad, bulky body and large head with prominent widely-spaced ear tufts; large bright yellow eyes framed by a tawny facial disc. The coloration is mottled brown, black, gray, and white.

Range: Found throughout North and South America.

Nesting: Will nest in old hawk, eagle, and heron nests, on cliff ledges and rocky crevices, and large tree cavities.

Eggs: 1-6 eggs per clutch. Usually first bird of prey to nest. Both parents participate in incubation and chick rearing.

Diet: Varied; prefers rabbits, rats and mice, but will eat medium-sized mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Interesting Facts:

  • Can rotate their head 270 degrees to compensate for lack of eye movement within the socket
  • Has 14 cervical vertebrae which allows head rotation
  • Have the strongest feet for birds their size

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