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Rosy Boa
Lichanura trivirgataRosy Boa

Appearance: The Rosy Boa is a husky grayish-brown snake with 2 faint rose-colored stripes down its back. It tends to have a stubbed tail.

Range: Desert and chaparral habitats throughout southern California.

Reproduction: Young are live-born in a quiet, protected area.

Diet: Small rodents and birds.

Interesting Facts:

  • Unfortunately, the numbers of Rosy Boas are dwindling because they are illegally sold in the pet industry and because of loss of habitat.
  • The Rosy Boa has a unique defensive characteristic. When it is attacked, it will coil up leaving its head tucked into its body and its tail sticking out. An agressor attacks the stubbed tail thinking it is the head.

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