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Western Screech Owl
Otus kennicottiiScreeching Owl

Appearance: One of the smaller owls. May reach 11 inches in length. Gray to gray brown in color. Small golden eyes surrounded by a facial disc edged in black. Small ear tufts.

Range: From extreme southern Alaska to South central Mexico and Western Rockies to Central Texas.

Nesting: Natural tree cavities, like woodpecker holes. Will use nest boxes.

Eggs: 3-8 white eggs per clutch - average 4-5. Begin incubating from February to July. Female will incubate eggs alone and is dependent on male for food.

Diet: Small mammals, birds, small fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arthropods.

Interesting Facts:

  • Have many varied vocalizations. Will rarely "screech" as name infers unless they believe their young are in danger
  • Will wade in water to catch crayfish and amphibians, but will also catch moths and small birds in flight. Can catch prey larger than they are
  • Two subspecies with distinct color differentiation found in the United States

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