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  Public Works

Public Works Newsletters

Beginng July 2009, the Public Works Department will be releasing monthly newsletters summarizing it's current and upcoming programs/projects/organization.

City Vehicles and Equipment | Website

The Fleet Management Section of Public Works provides vehicles and equipment to City departments, including Police and Fire, so they will have properly functioning vehicles that are up-to-date and specific to their missions.

Asset Management Insights | Learn More

Pavement Management System | Website

One of the greatest challenges a City faces is maintaining, preserving and restoring its paved streets. Even though transportation/street maintenance is one of the few areas where cities receive regional and state monies (TransNet, Proposition 42, Proposition 1B), needs continue to exceed available funding. Most public agencies face financial constraints and must make choices about how to spend their limited transportation/maintenance dollars.  Every few years, the City hires a consultant to update its Pavement Management System (PMS) in order to provide an objective assessment of pavement condition citywide.  The state requires a PMS in order for a jurisdiction to be eligible for state funding.  The PMS develops pavement preservation and rehabilitation strategies to maximize the use of public funds by applying the right treatment at the right time to extend the life of the pavement.

Chula Vista Pavement Management | Learn More

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) | Active CIP Map

The $30.7 Million 2009/2010 CIP budget has resulted in three major accomplishments by the Department of Public Works in collaboration with other City Departments:

  • Completion of Phase I, Capital Improvement Program automation using CIPAce and Project Management.
  • Transition to a forecasted five year capital program that considers “constrained”, “reasonably expected”, and“unconstrained” funding scenerios.
  • Award of $6.2 million in new grant funding (includes ARRA funding of $3.86


Infrastructure Asset Insights | Learn More

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