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  Public Works

Checklist for Release of Subdivision Improvement Bonds

  1. Deposit a 15% Maintenance Bond in the amount of $__________ to guarantee the public improvements for a period of one year after date of acceptance by the City Council.
  2. Complete as-built improvement plan (mylars).
  3. Furnish a letter from City's Street Tree Supervisor accepting all street trees for maintenance.
  4. Furnish a letter from City's Parks and Recreation Open Space Coordinator accepting landscaping and irrigation systems within open space lots.
  5. Survey monuments have been set and verified; however, any monuments disturbed or destroyed by corrective work will need to be reset by Engineer of Record or a Licensed Surveyor.
  6. Furnish a letter from Otay Water District, accepting the water facilities.
  7. Street lights accepted.
  8. One set of Final Soils/Materials Compaction and Conformance Reports.
  9. Final inspection (field items) and completion of punch list items.
  10. Recorded Notice of Completion (NOC).
  11. 35 working days have elapsed since NOC recordation.
  12. Survey monuments have been rechecked after corrective work has been performed.
  13. Adequate funds in deposit account for staff time involved on the project.

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