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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who do I call to report graffiti?    
Answer: You may do so by calling the Graffiti Hotline at (619) 691-5198. Requests for graffiti removal may now also be submitted online using our Online Service Requests page. If you have any further questions, please contact Public Works at (619) 397-6000.    

Question: Who do I contact to report a damaged/missing street sign?    
Answer: You may now report damaged or missing street signs at the Service Requests page, or by calling (619) 397-6000.    

Question: What is a sewer lateral?    
Answer: A sewer lateral sewer line is a privately-owned pipeline connecting a property to the publicly-owned main sewer line. For more information, please click here to visit the Wastewater Division page.    

Question: How often are the sewer main lines cleaned?    
Answer: The sewer main lines are generally cleaned on a yearly basis.    

Question: What is the City’s responsibility regarding my private sewer lateral?    
Answer: Please visit the Wastewater Division's website by clicking here.    

Question: What if sewage is backing up in my house?    
Answer: If you are not using your service and you have sewage backing up in your home during business hours, please call the Public Works Department at (619) 397-6000. Otherwise, call the Police Department at (619) 691-5150.    

Question: Who is the responsible party if sewage backs up and damages my property?    
Answer: If the damage is a result of a sewer main backup, the city will provide a cleaning company, and you can submit a damage report to Risk Management.    

Question: What are the different colored markings that I see on the streets?    
Answer: These markings identify the location of underground utilties, such as gas, water, electric, cable and phone.    

Question: How do I report an illegal discharge into storm drains?    
Answer: To report an illegal discharge, dumping, or spills into storm drains, please contact the Public Works Department at (619) 397-6000.    

Question: How do I report a pothole?    
Answer: You may now report potholes online at our online Service Requests page. Potholes can also still be reported by calling (619) 460-BUMP or (619) 460-2867.    

Question: Who do I call to report a sidewalk in need of repair?    
Answer: You may now report sidewalk repair at our Service Requests page. However, the option of submitting your request over the phone is still available by calling (619) 397-6000.    

Question: What are the daily business operating hours for the Public Works Department?    
Answer: The Public Works Department is open Monday through Thursday, from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm. We are closed every other Friday, and on the Fridays we are open, our hours are 6:30 a.m through 3:00 p.m.    

Question: Who do I call about faded street lines/walkways?    
Answer: You may now submit requests by visiting the Service Requests page.    

Question: What kind of graffiti will the City clean up?    
Answer: The City of Chula Vista is responsible to remove graffiti from the public infrastructure only. Graffiti removal from private commercial and residential properties is the responsibility of the property owner. For more information, please call (619) 397-6000. You may also now submit reports of graffiti online by clicking here.    

Question: There’s a utility company working my area. How do I go about obtaining their contact information?    
Answer: We have various informative links on the Residents page of our City Website. On this page, there is a section for Utilities under which contact information is listed.    

Question: Can I make a park reservation online?    
Answer: You may do so by visiting our Park Reservations site. Here you will find information about Park Rules & Regulations, Park Features, Interactive Park Maps, and images of Park Highlights.    

Question: How do I report a streetlight out/traffic signal malfunctioning?    
Answer: You may do so by visiting the Service Request page, and submit a work request online. You will be provided with a confirmation email with a tracking number. You may also still call (619) 397-6000 to submit your request by phone.    

Question: What is a sewer lateral cleanout?    
Answer: Sewer lateral access connection for maintenance purposes. For more information, please call (619) 397-6000.    

Question: Where can I find a list of City parks?    
Answer: The Public Works Department has a lot of available information related to City Parks online. By visiting the Parks page, you can find links to an interactive parks map, list of park features, images of park highlights, and park maps for your convenience. You may now also make park reservations online by clicking here.    

Question: Where can I find maps of City parks?    
Answer: We now have an interactive map of our City parks and Recreation centers available here.    

Question: Where can I find information about the Adopt-A-Park program?    
Answer: Find information as well as a downloadable application for park adoption, at the Adopt-A-Park Program page.    

Question: How can I find out about road closures and locations where road work is taking place in the City?    
Answer: You can view Road Closure information at the Road Closures page.    

Question: Who do I call about getting a tree trimmed/cut down?    
Answer: Routine tree trimming services by City staff have been eliminated during recent City budget reductions. Requests for non-safety related tree trimming will be filled in the order received and may be addressed in the future if the budget allows. Please visit the Service Requests page to report such issues. You may also call (619) 397-6000 to report these issues.    

Question: Where can I obtain sandbags?    
Answer: Chula Vista residents can receive up to ten sandbags (per address) by simply going to the Public Works Center with valid proof of residency. The full sandbags can be obtained at 1800 Maxwell Road. We are open Monday - Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Fridays, 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Closed every other Friday.

To pick up the sandbags, take the second driveway at 1800 Maxwell Road, and follow the sandbag signs around the complex.

Question: How do I reserve the Mountain Hawk Amphitheater?    
Answer: The Amphitheater is used by the public on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved at this time. However, for special events or gatherings of 100+ people, please contact the Office of Communications.    

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