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Open Space District 101 | Eastlake Maintenance District #1

The district was formed in 1986 to pay for costs for maintenance of open space lots of natural or landscaped open space within the boundary of Eastlake Hills, Shores, Village Center and Business Center, and the northern portion of Eastlake Greens. The district is comprised of five zones. The facilities and items of maintenance are as follows:

  1. Maintain landscaping and irrigation system improvements in designated public street areas.
  2. Maintain landscaping and irrigation system improvements in designated maintenance easements adjacent to streets.
    • Maintain landscaping including grass, ground cover, shrubs, trees and other ornamental vegetation in maintenance easements adjacent to designated streets.
    • Maintain irrigation, water supply and sprinkler system improvements in maintenance easements.
  3. Maintain supplemental lighting improvements and provide for additional costs associated with operating supplemental lighting. Maintenance includes necessary repairs and replacement of fixtures, luminaries, bulbs and appurtenances.
  4. Maintain open space lots
  5. Pro rata share for maintenance of Telegraph Canyon Channel.
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