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Adopt-A-Park Program | Download Application

Adopt A ParkAbout the Program

  • Established in 2005 to allow non-political organizations, corporations, and groups to participate in maintaining and enhancing City of Chula Vista's neighborhood and community parks.
  • Recognizes participants with courtesy signs installed at each park. The Public Works Department will provide and place signs at each park, providing funds are available at that time.
  • Is designed to be fun and educational, to promote civic responsibility, community spirit and camaraderie, and to provide an opportunity to accomplish something positive.
  • Is designed to operate with a minimum of red tape and with minimum supervision by the Public Works Department.
  • Is designed to allow citizens to work responsibly at their own convenience.

Program Details

  • All participants agree to pick up litter in a park for an acceptable period of time, but a two-year period is recommended. However, to prevent damage to plans and shrubbery, participants may not pick up litter in plant beds. Public Works staff will conduct litter operations in these areas (days and times may vary).
  • For school groups, times may be adjusted to reflect periods when schools aren't in session.
  • City staff may provide trash bags and will dispose of filled bags if the adopter is unable to dispose of them, providing funds are available.
  • Graffiti in the parks will be removed by City crews unless other arrangements have been made. Therefore, please call the graffiti hotline at (619) 691-5198 so crews can be dispatched to remove said graffiti. Please refer to the Buff-A-Block Program page for more information.

Adoptable Parks

  • The Adopt-A-Park Program applies to all types of parks - pocket (more than 2 acres), neighborhood and community parks maintained by the City of Chula Vista. For information on these parks, please click here to contact the Parks Operations Manager.


  • The safety of Adopt-A-Park participants is always of the utmost importance. The program is designed so common sense and safety will prevail.
  • Participants will bear individual responsibility for personal safety and appropriate behavior when working within the boundaries of a City park.
  • Group liability waivers are required, agreeing to hold the City of Chula Vista harmless for injuries or property damage arising from any negligent action or nonconformance with these safety requirements. Proof of Group insurance is also required.
  • Participants work without direct supervision by the Public Works Department. However, groups are required to have at least one adult supervisor for every 10 minors in the park.
  • Group leaders are responsible for conducting safety briefings for all participants prior to each cleanup event.
    • Safety topics should include:
      • Wearing proper safety gear and appropriate clothing
      • Staying away from traffic, and being alert at all times
      • Not working when weather is poor
      • Not touching potentially toxic/hazardous substances
      • Staying away from jagged objects, snakes or other hazards


  • The Parks Operations Manager will make arrangements for you to obtain safety equipment such as gloves and litter bags. The coordinator will also arrange for placement of recognition signs at your park site. Signs must be custom made for each project.
  • If you have any questions regarding the program, please click here to email the Parks Operations Manager.

Recognition Sign Design (Restrictions)

  • Although there is advertising value inherent in Adopt-A-Park signs, they are not intended to be an advertising medium. The purpose of the sign is to recognize "who" is providing the adoption service, not what they do or where they are located. Therefore, no product names, slogans, phone or fax numbers, email or internet addresses, radio IDs, or directions are permitted on recognition signs.


  • Download Application
  • Adopt-A-Park requires an application, which will be processed by the Coordinator. If you decide you want to participate in the Adopt-A-Park Program, simply fill out and sign the application and send it in. No application fee is required, but the applicant is required to accept several conditions, including a liability/waiver agreement.
  • Expect the process to take 2-3 weeks to allow time for any necessary coordination.

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