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Field Management Report

Montevalle Park View Report

The Public Works Department Parks Division has implemented an inventory and tracking method through our Work Management (or GBA) system. This allows us to visibly inspect the field and assign a condition to monitor its improvement or deterioration. These reports can be used to compare and track fields on an ongoing basis. This report will be provided quarterly.

Each field that is identified in the allocation process, is assigned a condition, in order to set up a base line for communicating this process and its potential affect to the number of fields available. This report will be available to the Recreation Department before each allocation process. This will allow the Recreation Department the freedom to utilize the assigned fields to their discretion. The individual field conditions will be categorized based on the Field Condition Definitions set forth.

Field Condition Definitions *

Approximately 0-15% Turf Damage
  • Overall turf area looks healthy.
  • Signs of wear but can sustain current allocation.
  • Few to minor wear sports around the goal areas and outfields.
  • Need to move goals and re-stripe fields, or rotate playing areas.
  • Evaluate monthly.
  • If conditions worsen, could be downgraded to Fair.
Approximately 16-32% Turf Damage
  • Turf is showing significant signs of wear. Some turf areas are now dirt.
  • 30-day notice to discontinue all play.
  • Recommend minimal to no allocation.
Approximately 33-100% Turf Damage
  • Will be closed for renovation. Closure could be no longer than the growing season, June to September.

Field Use Definitions **

High Use
  • OPEN
  • No restrictions.
Normal Use
  • 5 day practice/Saturday games only.
  • Closed Sunday, Community Use only.
  • Rotate playing areas.
Low Use
  • Under 12 years old only.
  • Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Saturday only games.
  • No out of season use.
  • Baseball, softball field use allowed, (No age restrictions).
  • Closed Sunday.
  • Rotate Playing Fields

Park Field Maps
Listed below are links to maps of our City Parks, depicting the location of the fields named in our report.

All Seasons Park Montevalle Park
Bonita Long Canyon Park Mountain Hawk Park
Chula Vista Community Park Mount San Miguel
Cottonwood Park Otay Park
Discovery Park Paseo del Rey Park
Eucalyptus Park Rienstra Sports Complex
Explorer Park Rohr Park
Greg Rogers Park Salt Creek Park
Harborside Park Santa Venetia Park
Harvest Park SDG&E East
Heritage Park SDG&E West
Hilltop Park Sunbow Park
Horizon Park Sunridge Park
Lauderbach Park Sunset View Park
Los Ninos Park Terra Nova Park
Mackenzie Creek Park Veterans Park
Marisol Park Voyager Park
Menzel Field Windingwalk Park

Field Management Report

Report | Updated on May 22, 2014

* Field conditions will be determined by the Public Works Department and can be closed for any reasons deemed important to the Director of Public Works.
** Any fields closed in this report, are closed until further review.

Court Management Report

Report | Updated on May 22, 2014

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