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Graffiti Abatement Program

Report Graffiti in Progress | Call 911
Report Graffiti on Public Property | Click Here
Report Graffiti on Private Utilities | Click Here

*** Effective January 7, 2011, the City of Chula Vista will be responsible for removing graffiti from the public infrastructure only. This includes sidewalks, pavement, curb & gutter, and City facilities. Graffiti eradication from commercial and residential properties is the responsibility of the property owner. ***

To provide graffiti eradication services solely to the public infrastructure, which includes City sidewalks, curbs & gutters, streets, signs, and drainage structures. Residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in the abatement of graffiti on their private property for a sense of community ownership and pride in their neighborhood.

Graffiti Crew Graffiti Crew

Graffiti Abatement Program

In the on-going battle against graffiti, the City of Chula Vista has implemented two new graffiti eradication programs for residents and business owners that have been a victim of tagging or graffiti. These programs allow community groups such as residents, schools, churches, and businesses to get involved in the eradication of graffiti on private property in their neighborhoods.

The two new programs, "Buff A Block" and "Art On A Box," are designed to be fun and educational activities, by inspiring civic responsibility, community pride, spirit, camaraderie, and to provide and opportunity to accomplish something positive by beautifying the community.

For more information on these projects, please call (619) 397-6037 or click here to send an email.

Additional Graffiti Contact Information

Reporting Graffiti IN PROGRESS: Call 911

To report existing graffiti, call the graffiti hotline of the appropriate jurisdiction:

Caltrans (858) 467-4042
City of National City (619) 336-4545
City of San Diego (619) 525-8522
County of San Diego (877) 684-8000

To report graffiti on private utilities, call in the address and cross street to the following:

SDG&E Utility Boxes 1-866-421-4688
SBC/AT&T Utility Boxes new # pending...
SBC/AT&T Pay Phones new # pending...
Cox Cable Meter Pedestals (619) 266-5450
Chula Vista Cable Utility Boxes (619) 476-9800
Otay Water District Brown or purple covers or hydrants (619) 670-2207
Union-Tribune Newspaper Stands (619) 293-1798

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