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The Chula Vista Transit System (CVT) has been providing public transit services for the residents and visitors of the City Of Chula Vista for 40 years, since 1971. CVT has grown from 8 routes, serving a population of 67,900 to its present 10 routes, serving a population of 230,000. Its annual ridership has increased from 210,000 in its first year to over 3.64 million in 2010. Since its inception CVT has provided over 69.95 million passenger trips as of fiscal year 2010.

CVT is part of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) which provides transit services to the larger San Diego region. MTS coordinates fares, transfers, routes and information services to the region. Being part of MTS enables passengers to transfer from one transit system to another in a seamless fashion. CVT interfaces with the San Diego Trolley's Blue Line at the Bayfront/E Street, H Street, and Palomar Street Trolley Stations. Additionally, CVT provides connections to two regional bus routes: MTS's Contract Services Routes 929 and 932, and to two local routes at Plaza Bonita, 961 and 963.

CVT is managed by the City of Chula Vista's Public Works Department, Transit Division and operated under contract. The contractor is responsible for the daily operations of the system and the maintenance of the fleet. CVT currently operates a fleet of 38 buses of which 100% are new, low-floor, clean burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses. The new CVT fleet has resulted in easier access, increased capacity and the reduction of emissions into the air. CVT is operated out of the City's new Public Works Center located at 1800 Maxwell Road in Chula Vista.

Budget, Goals and Measurements

Transit Annual Fixed-Route Budget: $6,612,541

Funds come from the Regional Consolidated Transportation Development Act Fund Pool which is managed by the Metropolitan Transit System.

Transit's Mission Statement:

Chula Vista Transit's mission is to provide safe, convenient, cost effective and dependable public Transportation in the City of Chula Vista.

Goal and Objectives:

  • A customer-first (Rider1st) approach
  • Responding to the community's transit needs
  • Effective use of transit funds

Performance Measures:

  • Meet or exceed the region's Suburban Feeder average for Total Passengers per Revenue Mile
  • Meet or exceed the region's Suburban Feeder average for Total Passengers per Revenue Hour
  • Meet of exceed the region's Suburban Feeder average for Subsidy per Passenger
  • Meet or exceed CVT's Farebox Recovery Ratio from previous year


Chula Vista Transit - Customer Service

Veolia Transportation Inc.
1800 Maxwell Road
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 656-2300

Chula Vista Transit

Department of Public Works - Transit Division
City of Chula Vista
1800 Maxwell Road
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 397-6058

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - Customer Service

(619) 557-4555 (Bus)
(619) 595-4949 (Trolley)

MTS Security

(619) 595-4960



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