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Storm Drains

The City of Chula Vista storm drain system consists of approximately 1.7 million feet of pipe, 1.6 million feet of storm channels, 19,000 access points and 150 other miscellaneous structures consisting of Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS) units, water quality basins and modular wetlands.

Filterra Trees in Western Chula Vista Storm Drain Crew Bird's Eye View of Cleaning and Flushing

The Storm Drain Maintenance Program provides inspections, cleaning and maintenance services to the city's storm drain conveyance system. The storm drain systems operation and maintenance (O&M) activities generally involve routine inspections, cleaning and removing pollutants from inlets and outlets, catch basins and filter baskets. An average of 8.2 tons of trash, pollutants and other debris are removed from the storm drain system each year preventing contaminants from entering the bay or other watercourses.

We are committed to meeting the ever-increasing challenges to improving storm water discharge quality through improved storm water treatment systems and routine trash, debris and pollutant removal. We strive to maintain this valuable infrastructure in a manner that both serves the public and protects the environment.

Modular Wetland Agua Vista Water Quality Retention Basin CDS Unit

You can reduce storm water pollution!

arrow Click here for information on what you need to know to do your part in preventing dangerous pollutants from entering the stormwater drainage system. To learn more about our Storm Water Management Section, please click here.

In the event of flooding due to a blockage of the storm drain system, residents/business owners may call the Public Works Department at (619) 397-6000 during normal business hours, Monday - Thursday, 6:30am - 4:00pm and Fridays, 6:30am - 3:00pm. We are closed every other Friday.

In cases of flooding after normal work hours, weekends or holidays, contact the Police Department at (619) 691-5151.

Resident can also obtain sandbags at Public Works Operations located at 1800 Maxwell Road during normal business hours. (Limit 10 per resident with a photo ID).

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