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The Recreation Department of the City of Chula Vista is sending out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find individuals, non-profits, schools, and businesses who may be interested in entering into a multi-year agreement with the City to provide classes, services, and programs at our facilities when they are not being used by the City.  The goals are to provide more opportunities for the public to access recreation facilities, offer more programs to the public, have increased community use of these City facilities for which the public has paid, and receive new revenue to support afterschool programming.  The City and selected contractors will negotiate a fee, via a license agreement, to ensure that these new programs are self-sustaining and cover all City direct costs and some indirect costs.  These agreements will then be brought forward to the City Council for consideration.

The RFP is being sent out on June 15, with a deadline of July 31 for receiving initial proposals. Proposals can also be submitted for six months after July 31 to allow for more program opportunities.

The City and the public we serve have a significant investment in our recreation facilities.  It is incumbent upon us that these facilities be used to their highest and best use by and for the public.

In addition to the proposed RFP, the Recreation Department also currently utilizes individual, independent contractor instructors to teach a variety of recreation classes and programs throughout the city and also offers a variety of rooms and sports fields for rent at all recreation facilities.  Anyone interested in becoming an independent contractor instructor or renting a room or sports field may call (619) 409-5979.

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