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Project Management and Infrastructure Development


Building and Park Construction (B & PC)

The Building and Park Construction Section manages, monitors and completes all new facility and park construction projects for the City, and ensures that all programming issues are addressed during the design/development and construction drawing phases of these projects.  In addition, the Landscape Inspectors of the B & PC section ensures quality control and professional workmanship in the areas of landscape construction.

Wastewater Engineering | Website

The Wastewater Engineering Section provides wastewater management and financial services to residents so that they can receive dependable, economic, and equitable wastewater treatment and disposal.  Please visit our Sewer Rate page for additional information on your rate calculation.

For information on the City of Chula Vista's wastewater collection, conveyance, and treatment capacity requirements, please visit our Wastewater Master Plan page.

To view additional Wastewater Engineering information, please click HERE.

Infrastructure Design

The Infrastructure Design Section is responsible for the preparation and development of construction documents, specifications and right-of-way acquisition necessary to successfu'lly build the various infrastructure rehabilitation projects within the City of Chula Vista. The section provides the City with invaluable in-house expertise with respect to its ability to design and management both large and small Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Section is responsible for creating, enhancing, and preserving the parks, Open spaces and trails resource of Chula Vista including but not limited to participating in the planning and design of the City's local parks/recreation, Open space, trails and streetscape facilities network. Directs the process for preparation and review of landscape design for new master planned communities. Responsible for the administration and implementation of the Citywide Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and the City's Parkland Acquisition and Development Ordinance.

Survey Services

The Survey Services Section is responsible for providing professional inhouse expertise in construction staking, engineering design surveys for Capital Improvement (CIP) projects and design related survey inforrnation for roadways, sewer lines or other public improvements. The section also provides property surveys for City-related projects.


Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs)

  • To view the Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Adopted Capital Improvement Program, click HERE.
  • To view the Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Adopted Capital Improvement Program, click HERE.

For information on specific CIP projects, click on the following:

STL-261 Willow Street Bridge Replacement Project Click HERE
STL-365 Gunpowder Point Drive Pavement Rehabilitation and Installation of 3-inch Water Line Click HERE

Otay Lakes Road Widening, Phase 1 - Ridgeback Road to 750 feet south of East H Street

Click HERE

Third Avenue Streetscape Project, Phase 1 - "H Street to North of Madrona Street"

Click HERE
  • Please click HERE to submit questions regarding Infrastructure Services.

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