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The Transportation Services Division provides traffic management services to the traveling public so they can enjoy a safe and efficient transportation system. To that end, the Division is responsible for the development, monitoring, and implementation of traffic improvements in the City.  The division promotes traffic safety by providing for the safe movement of all users of the City's circulation system, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.  In order to effectively provide these services, the division has been divided into three sections: Traffic Engineering, Traffic Operations, and Transportation Planning.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Section endeavors to establish a public traffic safety service by providing a communication link between the citizens of Chula Vista and City staff, along with the City Council via the Safety Commission.  Through this dialogue inquiries regarding traffic safety and other related issues are addressed.  In addition, the section works to develop a safe and efficient transportation network, and monitors the functioning of that network on a daily basis.  Traffic Engineering also performs design services for the City with respect to transportation improvements such as traffic signals, improved signing, automatic monitoring services, and other important traffic related projects.  Lastly, the Traffic Engineering section performs field surveys of high accident locations and locations which experience congestion and initiates remedial traffic improvements, investigates all requests for traffic improvements, and takes any necessary corrective actions.

Transportation Planning

The Transportation Planning Section provides traffic impact review services to developers to ensure the installation of adequate and timely transportation infrastructure for the traveling public.

Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations Section provides traffic signal and streetlight operations, engineering, repair, and maintenance services to road users and residents so that they can move and live safely and efficiently.

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Contact Us

  • For general information regarding Traffic Engineering related topics, call (619) 691-5026 or click here to email.
  • To report a malfunctioning traffic signal or streetlight, please call (619) 397-6000, or click here.
  • Requests for All-Way Stop installations, or to notify Traffic Engineering of safety concerns, please write a detailed letter to:

Principal Civil Engineer
City of Chula Vista – Traffic Engineering

276 Fourth Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

(Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number.)


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