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Wastewater Master Plan

Wastewater Master Plan Report (2005)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 (Introduction)
Chapter 2 (Study Area)
Chapter 3 (Wastewater Generation Analysis)
Chapter 4 (Sewer Capacity Evaluation)

Figure 4-1 (Master Plan Sewer Models)

 Figure 4-2 (Flow Monitoring Locations)

Figure 4-22 (Recommended Improvement Reaches)

Chapter 5 (General Plan Update Capacity Evaluation)

Figure 5-4 (Alternative 1 Impacts)

Figure 5-5 (Alterantive 2 Impacts)

Figure 5-6 (Alternative 3 Impacts)

Figure 5-7 (Preferred Alternative Impacts)

Chapter 6 (Sewer Pump Station Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan)

Figure 6-1 (Existing Pump Stations)

Chapter 8 (Capital Improvement Plan)
Chapter 9 (Capacity Fee Update Study and Capital Facilities Financing Plan

1. North West Sewer Model

2. Telegraph Canyon East Sewer Model

3. Poggi Canyon Sewer Model

4. Salt Creek Sewer Model

5. Proposed Sewer CIP

Wastewater Master Plan Appendices (2005)
A. Response to City Comments
B. SANDAG Population Based Flow Projection Summaries
C. ADS Flow Monitoring Report

1. Flow Monitor CV1 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

2. Flow Monitor CV2 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

3. Flow Monitor CV3 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

4. Flow Monitor CV4 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

5. Flow Monitor CV5 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

6. Flow Monitor CV6 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

7. Flow Monitor CV7 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

8. Flow Monitor CV8 - May 23, 2003 through June 5, 2003

9. Temporary Flow Monitoring Study
D. Hydraulic Model Flow Projection Summaries & Model Land Use and Wastewater Loading Calculations
E. Model Results
F. General Plan Update and Land Use Station
G. Pump Station Operational Data
H. City of Chula Vista March 18, 2003 City Council Agenda Statement regarding Current Sewerage Capacity Charge
I1. GASB 34 Final Infrastructure

I2. Valuation Analysis of Pipeline Assets

J. City of San Diego Wastewater Department Wastewater Cost of Service Study October 2003
K. Updated Financial Plans
L. Regional Wastewater Disposal Agreement

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Optimized Reclaimed Water Distribution System North City Water Reclamation Plant

Ordinance 18517 (May 18, 1998)

M. Sewer Facility Replacement Fee Analysis
N. Chula Vista Subdivision Manual - Sewer Design
O. Chula Vista Sewer Overflow Response Plan

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