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Wastewater Engineering

The Wastewater Engineering section of the Public Works Department manages the City's sewer system so that Chula Vista residents receive dependable and affordable wastewater treatment and disposal services.

The City currently provides sewer services to Chula Vista residents utilizing over 430 miles of sewer pipes and 12 sewer pump stations.  Collection facilities convey wastewater generated within eight distinct drainage basins, and conveys these flows to regional facilities located along San Diego Bay to the west, and the Sweetwater River to the north.  These regional facilities then transport Chula Vista’s wastewater to the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant owned and operated by the City of San Diego's Metropolitan Wastewater Department (METRO).

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Wastewater Master Plan | View Report

Last revised in 2005, the City’s Wastewater Master Plan provides a comprehensive review and evaluation of the City’s wastewater collection, conveyance, and treatment capacity availability, under existing and ultimate City buildout conditions.  Based on the findings of the evaluation, the plan recommends facility improvements and financing alternatives to ensure that the infrastructure remains serviceable and allows for continued growth within the City in accordance with the City’s General Plan.  Please visit our Wastewater Master Plan Page to review this document in its entirety.


Find Out How To Help Keep Chula Vista's Sewer System Clean

Grease and cooking oil are some of the primary causes for sewer blockages in both private and public sewer laterals and main lines.  Please keep our sewer system as clean as possible by properly disposing of grease and cooking oil.  For more information regarding the proper disposal of grease, cooking oil, and other similar products, click here.

The City of Chula Vista supports the region's effort to reduce the amount of pharmaceutical drugs entering the sewer system.  Please visit the No Drugs Down the Drain web site.

For a complete listing of what is prohibited from being placed in the City of Chula Vista sewer system, please see Chula Vista Municipal Code Section 13.12.010.

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) | View Report

On May 2, 2006, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted an order requiring owners/operators of sanitary sewer systems greater than one mile in length to comply with certain regulations aimed at decreasing the likelihood of sanitary sewer overflows.  These requirements are to be described by a "Sanitary Sewer Management Plan" specific to each agency.

In response to State Water Resources Control Board Order 2006-0003-DWQ, the City of Chula Vista drafted a Sanitary Sewer Management Program document.  The document contains eleven chapters detailing subjects such as current wastewater related connection policies, design guidelines, and maintenance practices, as well as procedures used when responding to Sanitary Sewer Overflows within Chula Vista.  The document is intended to be a "living document" in that it will be regularly updated and maintained to accurately describe all wastewater related policies and procedures and to remain in compliance with the most current federal, state, and/or local requirements.

A copy of the SSMP Report is also available to be reviewed in person at the City of Chula Vista Wastewater Engineering Division of the Public Works Department located at 276 Fourth Avenue.

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