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Building and Inspection Related Forms, Specifications and Information Sheets

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  # Description
4510 Request for Release of Information
4511 Code Enforcement Inquiry
4530 Utility Burial Standards
4532 Swimming Pools - Notice to Property Owner
4533 Inspections Required w/Codes
4534 Roof Covering - Certification of Installation
4537 Circuit Cards
4538 Special Inspection/Construction Materials Testing Instructions (Property owner’s, contractor’s, builder’s responsibilities)
4539 Special Inspection and Off-Site Fabrication Forms (Instructions for completion and filing)
4540 Property Owner/Contractor Agreement
4541 Application to Perform Off-Site Fabrication
4542 Certificate of Compliance for Off-Site Fabrication
4543 Special Inspector/Inspection Agency/Testing Laboratory Final Report
4544 Property Owner's Final Report for Special Inspection and Construction Materials Testing
4545 Special Inspector - Start Work Notification
4546 Special Inspection Instructions to Special Inspectors/Inspection Agencies/Testing Labs/Hers Raters
4550 Insulation Certificate
4551 Work Exempt from Building Permits
4552 Asbestos Notification of Demolition & Renovation
4553 Request for Plans Application
4554 Request for Plans Affidavit
4560 Business License Roster for Construction Projects
4561 New Construction Worksheet - Commercial/Industrial
4562 Residential Addn./Remodel/Patio/Wall/Fence/Pool Worksheet
4563 Reroof Application
4564 Tenant Improvement Worksheet
Mobilehome Park Building 4565 Mobilehome Park Building Permit Worksheet
4569 Utility Worksheet Permit (RESIDENTIAL)
Form 4571 plan extension request 4571 Plan Check Extension Request
Form 4572 Building permit Extension Request 4572 Building Permit Extension Request
Form 4572 Building permit Extension Request 4573 Expedite Program Application
4590 Carport Specifications & Details
4591 Construction On Expansive Soil
4593 Patio Covers
4594 Patio Enclosures
4595 How To Prepare A Residential Plot Plan
4596 Construction Valuation For Remodels/Tenant Improvements
4597 Request To Waive Soil Investigation Report
4598 Residential Deck Specifications
4601 Single Family Residences/Duplexes: Minimum Submittal Standards
4603 Typical Residential Single Story Framing Section
4604 Wood & Masonry Fences
4607 Application For Unreasonable Hardship Exception
4608 Codes In Effect As Of January 1, 2008
4609 Strapping Requirements For Water Heaters
4610 Who May Prepare Plans & Incomplete Plans
4611 New Single & Multi-Family Worksheet
4613 Solar photovoltaic systems: minimum submittal requirements
4614 Retaining Walls
wet bar limitations 4615
4621 Photovoltaic Pre-Wiring Installation Requirements and Guidelines
4622 Solar Hot Water Heating Pre-Plumbing Requirements and Guidelines


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