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  Development Services



Building Permits
Planning Permits
Internet Permitting

Building Permits

The Permit Section will help you find information about:

  • Building permit process
  • Building permit fee estimates
  • Submittal requirments
    • Climate Zone map
    • Lighting Zone map

In addition, permit staff will:

This section distributes month-end Building Division reports and a weekly report each Monday for all permits issued the previous week. Inquire at the counter to review these reports.


Development Services counter: Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm


* In order to ensure enough processing time, please arrive by 3:30 to pull building permits and submit plans.

Contact Us at 619-691-5272 or via email

Appointments are available for submittal and issuance of large, complex projects. Contact the Development Services Technicians at 619-691-5272 for an appointment.

Certain residential utility permits are available online. More Information.

Planning Permits

Process Guides

These guides will provide general information about the topic and, if needed, walk you through the process you may need to go through with the City of Chula Vista Development Services Department.

Internet Permitting   

The City of Chula Vista uses Accela’s VelocityHall™ for its’ internet permit program. VelocityHall™ allows building permit research, inspection scheduling and issuance of minor residential permits via the internet.  To access Velocity Hall™, click here.

Who can use VelocityHall™
Anyone can log on to the website and research permits. However, to schedule inspections or pull minor residential permits you must be a licensed contractor and register with Accela and the City of Chula Vista.

Usage Fees
There are no usage fees to research permits or schedule inspections. Usage fees to pull a permit via VelocityHall™ are $5.00 per transaction plus 13% of the permit fee. All fees must be paid for by VISA or MasterCard.

Permit Research
To access VelocityHall™ for building permit research go to the website, click on “Check/Research a Permit” and follow the prompts. Permits can be researched by address, permit number or state contractor’s license number. Note: Building permit history online only goes back to December 1992.

Inspection Scheduling
To schedule inspections using VelocityHall™ you must be a licensed contractor and be registered in the program. Once registered go to the website, click on “Check/Schedule Inspections” and follow the prompts.

Minor Residential Permits
The following minor residential permits can be pulled via VelocityHall™ - electric meter reset, miscellaneous wiring, water heater replacement, water line repair or alteration, gas meter reset, gas line repair or alteration, installation or replacement of FAU and A/C units.

Registration Instructions – If you are a licensed contractor, register with Accela and the City Of Chula Vista to use VelocityHall™.

Register with Accela:

  1. Log on to Velocity Hall™
  2. Select California - Chula Vista
  3. Click on GO
  4. Click on My Permit Manager
  5. Click on Register here
  6. Complete the My Permit Manager New User Registration information and submit to Accela
  7. When registration with Accela is complete, Accela will send you an e-mail confirmation

Register with the City Of Chula Vista

  1. Complete the Internet Permitting Form
  2. The city will verify your state contractor’s license number and Chula Vista business license number.
  3. Once authorized to use VelocityHall™ for Chula Vista we will send you an e-mail confirmation.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 619-691-5272.


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