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Home Occupation Permit

A home occupation or home based business may be permitted in any residential zone, subject to a Home Occupation Permit (HOP). An HOP may only be granted if the business is incidental and secondary to the residential use. An HOP may be permitted when in compliance with the following general conditions:

  1. Does not involve the use of power equipment using motors of more than a total of one horsepower capacity or the equivalent;
  2. Does not create vehicular or pedestrian traffic in excess of that which is normal for a residential use;
  3. Does not create a nuisance by reason of noise, dust, odor, vibration, fumes, smoke, electrical interference or other causes;
  4. No display of products, merchandise, or any sign to identify the home occupation. This includes exterior storage of materials;
  5. Only the residents of the dwelling unit may be engaged in the home occupation;
  6. There shall be no sale of goods on the premises;
  7. The required residential off-street parking shall be maintained. For single family homes, this requirement prohibits the conversion of garages; and
  8. No vehicles or trailers (including pickup trucks and vans) or construction or other equipment, except those normally incidental to residential use, shall be kept on the site.

Please note that some locations may be subject to restrictions imposed by Specific Plans, Community Plans or a Conditional Use Permit. Please check the zoning regulations for your particular property before applying for a permit.

The HOP shall be revoked by the planning director upon violation of any requirement of the Zoning Ordinance (Title 19), or of any conditions or limitation of any permit issued.

To Apply for a Home Occupation Permit, you will need both the Business License Application, and the Home Occupation Permit application. These forms are also available from the Building Division in the Public Services Building at 276 Fourth Avenue.

For more information on applying for business license, go to the Business License Process Guide.

To print these guidelines, click here.


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