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Plan Change

This Guide is designed to help you through the plan change processes associated with field changes to permitted/approved plans.

Changes to permitted plans must be approved by the City prior to scheduling for an inspection. Furthermore, prior to submitting proposed changes to the City, the design professional (project architect, engineer or designer) responsible for the work must review and approve the changes.

Changes to minor permits and over-the-counter permits can be processed over-the-counter at the Building Division, in the Public Services Building at 276 Fourth Avenue, across the street from the library (north-west corner of 4th and F, downtown Chula Vista.)

Changes to other than minor or over-the-counter permits (projects that had to be submitted for plan review) can be processed by either scheduling an appointment with the original plans examiner (619) 409-5868) or, submitting the plan changes at the Building Counter so that they are tracked and forwarded to the appropriate departments/divisions/individuals. If the changes are complex or require review and approval by more than one department/division, you must submit the changes at the Building Counter so that they are tracked and forwarded to the appropriate departments/divisions/individuals. The standard turn-around-time for a plan change submittal is 14 calendar days.

Changes to permitted plans designed by an architect or engineer must be reviewed and approved by the architect or engineer of record. Changes to structural elements must be accompanied by supporting documents such as structural calculations and details. Changes to plans that are not designed by an engineer or architect may require the review and approval of a California Licensed architect or registered engineer if the changes necessitate the requirement.

The fee for plan changes is figured on an hourly basis.

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