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Reroof Permits

A permit is required for re-roofing. Exception: Re-roofing detached single family dwellings or duplexs and their accessory structures when the re-roofing work consists of less than 500 square feet or less than 50% of the roof covering replacement. Clay tile or concrete tile that weighs more than 6 pounds per square foot requires structural calculations. No more than two overlays of asphalt shingles are allowed over the existing asphalt or wood shingle roof. Not more than one overlay of wood shakes or wood shingles shall be applied over the existing asphalt or wood shingle roof.

Reroof Permit Requirements

All roofing material must be fire retardant and all wood shingles or shakes must be pressure treated (Class C minimum rating). Permit fees are based upon square footage of reroof and material used. Re-roof permits that do not require calculations are issued over the counter. If calculations are required, the plan check can take up to 7 days.


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