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City of Chula Vista Final MSCP Subarea Plan

Cover and Table of Contents
(0.6 MB)
Introduction (Ch 1)
(0.8 MB)

Description of the Planning Area (Ch 2)

(1.4 MB)
Description of Subarea, Summary of Conservation and Take Estimates (Ch 3)




(1.4 MB)

Subarea Plan Covered Species (Ch 4)
(4.7 MB)

Subarea Plan Implementation and

Preserve Assembly (Ch 5)




(3.2 MB)

Land Use Considerations in the Preserve (Ch 6)
(1.4 MB)
Preserve Management and Monitoring (Ch 7)
(2.8 MB)
Preserve Management Funding (Ch 8)
(1.0 MB)
Sources and Preparers (Ch 9 and 10)
(0.4 MB)

CV Subarea Plan Figures

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