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Growth Management & Special Projects

SunriseThe Advance Planning section's responsibilities in this area include implementing and updating the City's Growth Management Program and ordinance, administering the Growth Management Oversight Commission, coordinating with other agencies on regional growth management issues, providing demographic and land use information and forecasts, and assisting in the update and implementation of public facility master plans.

Areas of Focus

  1. To ensure that the City retains it's quality of life as development occurs by coordinating implementation of improvements to the City's Growth Management Program, including provision of primary staff support to the Growth Management Oversight Commission (GMOC).
  1. To ensure that the City's interests are well represented in major regional planning and growth management programs.
  1. To provide accurate demographic and land use information and forecasts of the City.
  1. To provide assistance to other departments and outside agencies in the preparation and updating of facility master plans, as well as implementing actions such as impact fee programs.
  1. To play a key role in implementing the comprehensive General Plan Update (approved in December 2005), with a focus on growth management, public facilities, and related regional issues.

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