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2008 California Energy Code Title 24 Part 6

2013 California Energy Code Title 24 Part 6  

The Chula Vista Energy Efficiency Ordinance

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2008 California Energy Code Title 24 Part-6

Energy efficiency reduces energy costs, increases reliability and availability of electricity, improves building occupant comfort, and reduces impacts to the environment.  The terms “Energy Code”, “Building Energy Efficiency Standards”, and “Title-24” have become synonyms in common construction language.  The Building Energy Efficiency Standards (the Energy Code) was first adopted and put into effect in 1978 and have been updated variably on a three-year cycle.  Due to the complexity of the subject material, the adoption and implementation process often trails the stated year of the document.  That is why on January 1st, 2010 the 2008 Energy Code went into effect.  There are several different volumes of information that make up the Energy Code package as listed below:

NEW! Energy Code Tool: Identify and generate all the Energy Code documents you will need for Project Submittal through final Inspection. For Residential additions and alterations only.

    Download the Energy Code Tool here.    Note: Microsoft Excel and an unzip tool is needed to be able to access this tool. Please adjust the "View" on Excel's task-bar to 90% for best use.

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