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2008 California Energy Code Title 24 Part 6

2013 California Energy Code Title 24 Part 6  

The Chula Vista Energy Efficiency Ordinance

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The City Of Chula Vista encourages the use of renewable energy and energy efficient building systems.  To promote this technology, we are amending our Municipal Code to facilitate their use.  These ordinances will prepare each new home for Photovoltaic electrical generation and Solar Energy for water heating.  The installation of electrical conduit and plumbing pipe for these uses is most economical and convenient while the building is still in construction.  This is the goal behind the ordinances.  The future occupant can then install these systems at less cost and with no effect to the finishes or aesthetics to the building.  These ordinances and installation guidelines will be part of the Plan Check corrections and go into effect February 19th 2009.  The Solar Hot Water Heating Ordinance is already in place. 

Description Form#
Solar Hot Water Heating Pre-Plumbing Installation Requirements and Guidelines 4622
Photovoltaic Pre-Wiring Installation Requirements and Guidelines 4621
Photovoltaic Systems: Minimal Submittal Requirements 4613
Reroof Application 4563
bullet 2008 Title 24 Residential Forms and Manual  

a. 2013 Standards for Residential and Non Residential

b. 2013 Residential Compliance Manual
c. 2013 Non Residential Compliance Manual
d. 2013 Energy Code Forms:

i. Residential Compliance Forms
ii. Non Residential Compliance Forms

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