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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Important items to check and things to do.

  • Fan lubrication and shaft wear.
  • Inspect the exchanger for deposits and fouling.
  • Regularly clean the plenums.
  • Filter replacement.

Filters should be replaced when damaged, wet or clogged with dirt.

The most reliable method to determine if a filter needs to be replaced is to monitor the air pressure drop across the filter.  Check with the manufacture to obtain the recommended maximum allowable pressure drop.  If the measured pressure drop is greater, it is time to change the filter.  Clogged filters can restrict airflow into the conditioned space.

Changing the filter on a regular schedule will ensure that a clogged filter does not remain in the air stream indefinitely.  Careful examination of removed filters should lead to schedule modifications to optimize filter life and effectiveness.

Visual inspection for dirt on the upstream side of the filter is the least reliable method for determining if a filter needs replacement.

Filters are excellent growing places for mold and bacteria, especially if they become damp or wet. High relative humidity can promote microbial growth in filters, so filters in humid climates might need more frequent changing.

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