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Air Conditioning Performance

Important factors for efficiency.

  • Condenser Temperature.
  • Evaporator temperature.
  • Cooling load.
  • Refrigerant characteristics.

Typical causes for inefficiencies in refrigerant systems:

  • Oversized unit – An improperly sized unit cycles frequently and draws more power than necessary to meet the load.
  • Thermostat location – Placement is important for accurate signaling to the unit.  This ensures comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Uninsulated ducts and refrigerant lines – The most costly condition and the easiest to remedy.  Environmental heat is picked up and forces the unit to cycle more frequently.  Occupants may not be satisfied and the utility bill will reflect the problem.
  • Low refrigerant levels – This will affect the transfer of heat in the system.
  • Dirty coils – The unit will not be able to dissipate or exchange heat.  The refrigerant will not be used to its full capacity.

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