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Commercial Building Operations and Maintenance

Operations and MaintenanceThis guide is presented to highlight the value that proper systems maintenance provides for the owners and tenants of buildings.  In doing so, the comfort and safety of the occupants is maximized and the utility costs are minimized.

Building owners and managers are realizing that a trained building operations staff is needed to decrease problems that tenants experience with heating, cooling, and ventilation.  Problems with sick building syndrome, overheating, and overcooling often can be resolved with improved operations practice.  When these problems aren’t addressed, affected tenants are increasingly going to the courts.  In 1995 alone, EPA estimated that building owners and operators faced $300 million in lawsuits over indoor air quality.  Better-trained staff is essential for managing this growing risk.

Preventive maintenance and maintenance resource management start with careful and complete building and equipment records. Operating records can be useful in making decisions about repairing or replacing equipment, and are also a good guide for triggering maintenance and servicing.

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