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FY2014-15 Funding Application Requirements

Please review the Notice of Funding Availability to ensure that your agency is eligible to apply for grant funds and that your proposed activity meets the regulations governing the U.S. Department and Housing and Urban Development grant programs. 
Click on the links below to access the Notice of Funding Availability, Funding Application and the Submittal Checklist, which itemizes the documents to be included in the application packet. 


Notice of Funding Availability (click here)


CDBG Funding Application (click here)

ESG Funding Application (click here)

Production of Affordable Housing with CDBG and/or HOME (by email request here)


Submittal Checklist for CDBG and ESG (click here

The Submittal Checklist has been created to assist you in submitting all required documents.  A portion of the documents are provided for you in the links below.

Appendices (click on each corresponding document)

Appendix A: Narrative

Appendix B: CIPs Additional Information (CIPs Only)

Appendix C-1: List of all Funding Sources for Project

Appendix C-2: Three-Month Cash Rule Test (for non-governmental agencies)

Appendix C-3: Detailed Budget (For Public Services)

Appendix D:Project Implementation

Appendix E:Roster of Board Members

Appendix F:Disclosure Statement

Appendix G:Identification of Prior-Year CDBG/Federal Funds

Certifications and Other Related Documents

1. Form: Project Contact Information

2. Form: Designated Authorized Signatures

3. Certification Regarding FY 2014 CDBG Application Submission

4. Certification Regarding Lobbying

5. Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension,  Ineligibility and Other Matters

6. Certification for Drug-Free Workplace

7. Certification Regarding Compliance with Civil Rights Act and ADA

8. Certification Regarding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

9. Certification Regarding Compliance with MBW, WBE, and SBC

10. Certification Regarding compliance with Conflict of Interest and Procurement Policies

11. Certification Regarding Section 3 of the HUD Act

12. Certification regarding LEP and AFF

13. Questionnaire Regarding Conflict of Interest and       Procurement Policies

14. Assurance of Audit Requirements

The remainder of the required documents listed on the Submittal Checklist must be provided by the applying agency.