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On February 5, 2013 City Council considered and approved amendments to Chula Vista Municipal Code 9.50 - Mobilehome Space, Rent Review.  The ordinance amendments took effect March 14, 2013, to review the resolution and current version of CVMC 9.50 click here.


About Mobilehomes

The City of Chula Vista has 31 mobilehome and trailer parks, with nearly 3,600 spaces.  These communities provide a variety of living styles from family parks, senior parks, smaller trailer parks, to large communities with amenities.  For a full list of parks within the City, click here.
The Housing Division implements a rent stabilization process for existing mobilehome residents, for the current annual permissive rent click here.  Additionally, Housing monitors the proposed closure of mobilehome/trailer park communities and ensures proper compliance with Chapter 9.40 (Mobilehome Housing Assistance).
The City’s Building Division has the responsibility for enforcement of the State Mobilehome Park Act.  Please contact them at (619) 691-5101 for more information.
The State Office of the Mobilehome Ombudsman is a complaint processing Office that primarily assists the public with questions or problems associated with the various aspects of manufactured home(mobilehome) living. This includes complaints with manufactured home dealer, sales, and warranties.  This Office also processes complaints associated with other programs under the review of state HCD's Division of Code and Standards (Registration & Titling, Employee Housing, Manufactured Housing, and State Mobilehome Residency Law).



Mobilehome Repairs

The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) provides low interest and/or deferred loans to homeowners of single-family homes and mobilehomes to repair health- and safety-related issues.  For more information, click here.


Mobilehome Rent Review Commission (MHRRC)

The Mobilehome Rent Review Commission acts as an unbiased, "due process" decision-maker regarding mobilehome park rent disputes.  For more information about the MHRRC, including membership and meeting information, please click here.  For mobile-home related City ordinances, including the Mobilehome Park Space Rent Review Ordinance, click here.



Mobilehome Park Closure Ordinance

The City of Chula Vista has an adopted ordinance to address the displacement of mobilehome and trailer park owners/occupants if a park is converted to another use or discontinued.  Please click here to see relevant sections of the Chula Vista Municipal Code.