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Recent Housing Accomplishments


Key Projects

Housing works closely with other City departments to ensure affordable housing is provided throughout the City and infrastructure needs are provided in disadvantaged areas of Chula Vista.


Safe and Affordable Housingmuncey


Muncey Manor
In 2010 the City of Chula Vista approved $385,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to assist in the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 7 unit rental complex in Southwest Chula Vista.  The property will house former foster youth.
Los Vecinos


Los Vecinos is an affordable housing development at 1501 Broadway, providing 41 families with affordable rental units.  The project, developed by Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation, eliminated a blighted vacant motel that had been closed for years due to a high number of crime calls and code violations. The development includes several energy-efficient "green design" features, including rooftop solar panels to generate at least 90 percent of the building's energy. Housing is a key partner in the project; $5 million in low-moderate housing redevelopment funds were allocated to the project.    

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The Landings
In 2007, Chelsea Investment Co. was approved to develop 92 affordable rental apartments as an inclusionary obligation for Otay Ranch Village 11.  The project includes 92 units and is located near the Otay Ranch Towne Center in Eastern Chula Vista. All units are 3-bedroom townhomes with 2-car garages that are affordable to very low- and low-income persons.Housing


In 2010, Chelsea Investment Co. was approved to develop an additional 143 affordable rental units to complete The Landings II on a site adjacent to the first phase.  The City contributed $2.4M in HOME funds and $4M in Redevelopment Agency Low and Moderate funds.
Seniors on Broadway
2008 Housing Project of the Year
Seniors on Broadway Limited Partnership was awarded HOME funds to construct 42 affordable senior housing units in the Southwest Redevelopment Project area at 825 Broadway. The maximum rents range from $360-$600 per month, based on the intent to serve extremely low-income seniors. The project was completed in Seniors on BroadwayDecember 2007.


Seniors on Broadway won the San Diego Housing Federation's Award for 2008 Housing Project of the Year for Less than 50 Units. The project has partnered with the adjacent charter school for a "Generations Together" program that provides inter-generational exchange between senior residents and the elementary school students. A collaboration between MAAC and SeniorNet created a computer lab and computer training for residents, school children, and the community.


Neighborhood Improvements

One of the priorities of Housing is to ensure that families have safe and adequate housing and infrastructure that transform communities into cohesive neighborhoods. Recently, Housing has partnered with the City to secure and dedicate millions of dollars in funding toward neighborhood improvements in Southwest Chula Vista.

Castle Park Improvements
Housing staff secured $10.3 million in federal grants to provide infrastructure such as new streets, sidewalks and drainage improvements in the Castle Park area.  The improvements were completed in 2013 with ten (10) streets having received improvements.
ADA Curb Cuts
A total of twenty four (24) curb cuts have been completed in CDBG eligible census tracts to provide pedestrian safety at intersections.