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Five Year Implementation Plan



Every five years, redevelopment agencies are required to adopt implementation plans to establish strategic and programmatic work plans for carrying out their activities.  The Agency’s purpose and intent in creating and adopting its 2010-2014 Five Year Implementation Plan are to:
  • Involve the public in preparation and oversight of the Work Program and Implementation Plan.
  • Provide decision-makers and the public a clear, readable, and user-friendly document that effectively communicates the City’s vision, goals and objectives, and programs for redevelopment.

  • Establish five-year strategic objectives and work programs that are measurable, quantifiable, and track-able and promote the long-term effectiveness and financial viability of the Agency.
  • Provide a Work Program that clearly defines future redevelopment activities.



2010-2014 Five Year Implementation Plan

On December 15, 2009, the Redevelopment Agency approved the 2010-2014 Redevelopment Implementation Plan. You can find the Plan by clicking on the following link:
2010-2014 Redevelopment Implementation Plan-FINAL
In April and May of 2009, the CVRC hosted a series of  three community meetings to solicit the public ideas and priorities for redevelopment in Chula Vista.  City staff also made presentations explaining the implementation plan process to local stakeholder groups, including Northwest and Southwest Civic Associations, South County EDC, TAVA and others.  Through these meetings, stakeholder groups were invited to nominate representatives to serve on the Redevelopment Implementation Plan Working Group, which was tasked with identifying priorities for the 2010-2014 Plan.
On August 6, 2009 a joint CVRC-Redevelopment Authority workshop was convened to present the initial priorities developed by the Implementation Plan working group, and to provide community members with an introduction to the principles of Redevelopment.  You can watch streaming video of this workshop by navigating to the 8/6/09 video at the following link.  You can find the presentations by clicking on the links below:
"Putting Redevelopment to Work in Chula Vista,” presented by John F. Shirey, Executive Director of the California Redevelopment Association.
"2010-2014 Five Year Implementation Plan” presented by Eric Crockett, Chula Vista Redevelopment Manager
On November 19, 2009 a second joint CVRC-Redevelopment Authority workshop was convened to present the draft implementation plan.  You can view a pdf of this presentation at the link below:
"2010-2014 Redevelopment Implementation Plan"
As the Agency moves forward with the implementation of this plan, it recognizes that for any plan/project to be successfully implemented it needs to be supported by those involved.  As a resident, business owner, and/or property owner we welcome and invite your input . For further information about the implementation plan, please contact:                                          
Diem Do, Senior Project Manager