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Citizen's Leadership Academy


"The Citizens’ Leadership Academy was the best community educational/outreach activity the City of Chula Vista has put together.  I am proud to have been a part of this great program.  Please continue to put on this Academy, as it provides great insight to the inner workings of the City of Chula Vista and upcoming events.”

- Ken Wright, Chula Vista resident for 20 years and Member of Northwest Civic Association

 “The Citizens’ Leadership Academy (CLA) is a most worthwhile experience.  We were given a broad overview of the city, its staff and functions in seven sessions.  The most informative sessions for me were the roadshow bus tour of major projects in the city, which went from the bayfront to the Otay Town Center, and the tour of Public Works and General Services, which keep our city operating.”

“I would like to thank Goodrich who supported the CLA in this time of budget challenges and all the city staff who helped or participated.”

- Earl Jentz, Chula Vista resident for 32 years


cla“The Citizens’ Leadership Academy is the most fun and unique way to not only learn about our local government, but to experience it as well.  You’ll end up with a better appreciation of what it takes to run our city on a day to day basis and a new group of friends with a similar interest – Chula Vista!”

- Rodolfo Lopez, Chula Vista resident for 18 years


“Each session of the Citizen’s Leadership Academy was both informative and entertaining.  This program was designed to show the inner workings of the City.  This is a must for those wanting to make a positive contribution to the community.”

- Brett Davis, Chula Vista resident for 42 years, Brett Davis Nutrition Commissioner, Resource Conservation Commission and Mobilehome Rent ReviewBoard Member, Boys & Girls Club and Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce

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