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Fire Administration

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Deputy Chief Administration
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The Chula Vista Fire Department Administration consists of the Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, and one Administrative Services Manager.

The Fire Chief is directly responsible for leading the department and reports to the city manager. The Fire Chief has two Deputy Chiefs that are responsible for Operations and Administration. These positions are considered senior staff and report directly to the Fire Chief.

Deputy Chief Operations

The Deputy Chief of Operations is tasked with the responsibility of managing and supervising the Operations side of the department, which includes the Fire Suppression Division, Training and the  Apparatus & Equipment Program. The position oversees the following areas:

  • Fire Suppression Services including fire, hazardous materials and technical rescue responses that are handled by eight engine companies, two truck companies, one brush rig and one rescue rig.  
  • Emergency Medical Services, which accounts for approximately 75% of the department’s calls for service, are provided by Firefighter EMT’s in conjunction with a private ALS Paramedic Ambulance provider.
  • Employee training and development is a high priority for the department, which continues to experience rapid growth.   The Training Division’s primary focus is to train personnel on safe and effective operations.  The Training Division’s primary goal is to assist in the training and development of entry-level Fire Recruits or seasoned employees seeking career advancement.  The Deputy Operations Chief oversees the Training Division’s Battalion Chief and is ultimately responsible for the training component of the fire department. 
  • The Deputy Operations Chief is responsible for the department’s Apparatus & Equipment Program.  The department’s Apparatus & Equipment Committee is comprised of several department members and is responsible for the purchase, outfitting and maintenance of all fire apparatus and equipment.

Deputy Chief Administration

The Deputy Chief of Administration is responsible for the Administration Division. The division includes supervision and management of several major areas: Professional Standards, Recruitment, Fire Marshal and Fire Prevention services, Fire Communications Center, Disaster Preparedness/Homeland Security and Capital Projects. The position also serves as a liaison with the community, city staff, fire committees, volunteers and other emergency service providers.

  • Professional Standards and Recruiting – The Administrative Deputy Chief ensures public confidence in the fire department by developing and maintaining the highest standards of employee performance, ethics and conduct. It is responsible for development of policies and procedures, employee recruiting, and disciplinary proceedings resulting from misconduct. The Administrative Deputy serves as a liaison with the City Attorney's office and Human Resources on issues dealing with civil service rules, the American Disabilities Act, Fair Labor and Standards Act, and personnel related litigation.
  • The Chula Vista Fire Communications Center was recently created as a result of the City’s continued growth and demand for greater managerial control of fire dispatch services.  The Deputy Operations Chief oversees the new communications center, which is managed by the Fire Communications Manager.  The Fire Communications Center primary goal is to provide accurate, timely and safe dispatch services to the citizens and emergency personnel that are responding within the community. 
  • Fire Marshal and Fire Prevention Services –The Administrative Deputy Chief supervises the Fire Marshal and Fire Prevention personnel and activities.
  • Capital Projects - The Administrative Deputy Chief along with the Administrative Services Manager is responsible for the management of capital improvement projects. The Administrative Deputy Chief will facilitate and develop specifications for the purchase of major fire apparatus and construction at fire stations. Along with the Administrative Services Manager, the Administrative Deputy Chief's duties include establishing equipment replacement schedules for major fire equipment and station furnishings.
Administrative Services Manager

The Administrative Services Manager directly manages the administrative, fiscal and analytical operations. These operations include:

  • All fiscal reporting to internal and external agencies
  • Written communications and presentations to City Council
  • Budgeting including formulation and implementation of department spending plans
  • Development of performance measurement and implementation
  • Direction of data collection efforts and systems management
  • Net program costing and procurement
  • Implementation of the department’s strategic business plan
  • Grant writing and management at the local state and federal levels

The Administrative Services Manager is also responsible for directing complex studies pertaining administrative and operational issues.

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