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Helping Chula Vista Residents Prepare for Wildfire

If you live near a natural area, the Wildland Urban Interface, you should provide firefighters with the defensible space they need to protect your home.  The buffer zone you create by removing weeds, brush, and other vegetation helps keep the fire away from your home and reduces the risk from flying embers. 

A home within one mile of a natural area is in the Ember Zone.  Wind-driven embers can attack your home. Ember fires can destroy homes or neighborhoods far from the actual flames of the wildland fire. You and your home must be prepared well before a fire occurs.

Esté Preparado, esté Listo y Salga pronto

El departamento de Bomberos de Chula Vista le recomienda que esta temporada de incendios esté Preparado, esté Listo y Salga pronto.
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