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  Fire Department

Business Owner Self-Inspection Guidelines

By following these self-inspection guidelines, the chances are decreased that a fire will destroy your business. Remember, fire safety inspections focus on maintaining a safe work environment and keeping each business in business!

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Protection Systems
A minimum of one (1) 2A-10BC-fire extinguisher is required to be installed in every business. One fire extinguisher may serve a maximum of 6,000 square feet and be spaced not more than 75 feet from any location in the business.

Fire extinguishers should be easily accessible, wall mounted between 3-5 feet from the floor.

Extinguishers must be serviced and tagged annually, after each use and when the gauge indicates recharge, by a licensed contractor.

No obstructions, including storage are allowed around standpipes, fire hose cabinets, sprinkler valves and hydrants. Keep designated fire lanes around your business clear at all times.

If required to have a smoke detector, test it monthly and replace the batteries once a year.
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General Requirements and Housekeeping

Make sure address numbers and letters are clearly visible from the street. Add a contrasting background to the address where there is limited street lighting.

Remove combustibles, trash and other debris from around the building's exterior.

Do not store ANY materials in fire systems equipment rooms including mops, brooms, boxes or any other combustible or flammable material.

Keep storage, furnishings and merchandise three feet (3') away from heat producing equipment to minimize fire risk.

Maintain two feet (2') of clearance between stored materials and the ceiling and eighteen inches (18") below sprinkler heads. Keep storage orderly, secure and located so exits from the building will not be blocked.

Repair holes in walls; replace ceiling panels and other breaches where portions of walls or ceilings have been damaged. This maintains the fire resistive integrity of your building's original construction.
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Three feet (3') of clear space is required in front of every exit door. The exit may not be obstructed with storage, trash, shelves, cabinets or equipment.

Exit doors may not be equipped with any kinds of deadbolt or latch which requires the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort to open the door from the inside.
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Flammable Liquids & Hazardous Materials
ALL excessive storage of flammable or combustible liquids must be removed from a business. Only up to ten gallons (10 gal) are allowed to keep for maintenance, operations, demonstration, treatment and other type of laboratory work.

Flammable and combustible liquids may only be stored in their original approved containers.

Compressed gas cylinders must be adequately secured to prevent them from falling or being knocked over. Each cylinder must be labeled with its contents.
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Electrical Requirements
Extension cords cannot be used permanently in any business in the City. Only UL or FM listed fused or circuit breaker surge suppressors may be used for non-permanent appliances like calculators, desk lamps, typewriters and computers. Large fixed appliances like refrigerators, table saws and other large equipment cannot be used with extension cords on power cords.

Extension cords and fused electrical cords cannot be permanently attached to walls, floors or ceilings. No wiring or cords may extend through walls, ceilings, and floors or under doors.

Replace worn or frayed wires to minimize fire hazard.

All electrical receptacles must have cover plates.

Thirty inches (30") of unobstructed access area is required in front of electrical panels.

For answers to any questions, please call 691-5055.

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